Internal Doors

Internal Doors comprise both classic, period and contemporary models. You will find something equally fitting for both modern and period properties, depending on your interior design theme. The doors come in all designs and sizes and style patterns. We offer a wide range of internal wooden doors including both panel doors and flush doors in different styles and wood finishes, painted models and also beautiful veneers.


What are the key features of our interior doors?

With Online Door Store you do not need to compromise style for efficiency or safety when it comes to inside doors. 

We have standard internal doors with matching fire doors. These have an FD30 rating for a thirty minutes barrier against the danger of fire. All matching the style and design of their standard and glazed counterparts.  

Also, this means that you will not have to compromise on the look and feel of a room. Perfect if you need a standard door in one part of the room, a glazed door in another area and a fire door in another part. Purchasing internal doors no longer has to be a stressful experience.  

Are your interior doors high-quality?

Whether you’re in the market for luxury doors, or more affordable and cheap internal doors, all of the doors we offer are of the highest quality. As engineered doors they ensure that there is a limited chance of warping, splitting and seasonal changes within the wood. 

And with A Grade finishes to our indoor doors you can be certain that you will benefit from expert manufacturing, at an affordable price.

Our range of internal wooden doors

Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic appearance in your home, a distinctive look, or a contemporary vibe, our range of internal wooden doors can provide you with a solution. 

With wooden doors internal spaces can get a distinctly homely feel, especially when used as living room doors or bedroom doors.

We have a wide choice of styles, timbers, finishes, Fire resistant and standard models. Browse our range and buy internal house doors online today. See our Blog and Help and Advice sections for further information and installation guidance. 

Do internal doors come finished or unfinished?

Within our large range of interior doors, we provide both pre-finished and unfinished options.

With veneered doors the unfinished models allow you to varnish, stain, or paint your doors however you like, whereas buying a pre-finished door means that it can be installed as soon as it arrives.

With white primed doors they are pre-finished at the factory so are ready to hang and apply the final coat of decoration. For many people the factory applied finish is enough and they do not feel the need to decorate further.

What are your most popular internal door ranges?

Oak doors and white primed doors are always popular as inside doors, no matter the style of your home. Similarly, the pine veneers and lately the grey veneers are gaining popularity.

If you’re looking for cheap interior doors our range of moulded doors may be right for you.

So, we have the perfect option for you whatever your price range and preference.

Which internal door is best for my home?

Which internal wooden door is right for your property will not only depend on personal preference and design aesthetics, but also on the usage that your door will be put through and its position. 

Some situations suit internal glazed doors, others require fire doors, but at Online Door Store, we are certain to provide you with a solution to match your every need. Find matching standard, fire-proof, and internal glass doors all in one place.

Interior doors for any room

With our wide range of styles and materials available, from internal wooden doors to composite doors, you can find the perfect choice for any room in your home. So whether you’re looking for bedroom doors, kitchen doors, living room doors, or interior doors for any other part of the house, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

What styles of interior doors are available?

Some doors in our collection offer a feeling of nostalgia with our 1920s doors and 1930s doors, while others offer a traditional Victorian vibe which will both still suit a contemporary interior design. Other designs are ultra-modern suited to the latest interior concepts. 

Can I buy interior wooden doors?

You can choose from a range of materials when you shop at Online Door Store, and our website includes everything from interior wooden doors to modern composite doors.  

We have a vast selection of walnut, pine, clear pine, oak, composite, and the latest grey ash and black doors. With a great choice of painted and primed doors, you can be certain that no matter the interior design, our expansive range will have you covered. 

How much can I customise my internal doors?

We understand the importance of investing in internal doors that will suit your property. Sometimes there is no standard size that will fit your doorway. 

Therefore we offer a bespoke service on most designs. For more information on getting doors tailor made to your specific sizes please see our special section: Bespoke

Internal doors can be tailored to your individual needs prior to purchase with our size selection, and once you have installed them too. For example, our clear pine doors are ideal for painting, in order to create a stand-out effect, or to help you maximise the space with an airy feel.  

More advice on buying internal doors

Whether you’re looking for kitchen, living room, or bedroom doors, there is plenty to choose from when you buy internal doors online from Online Door Store, so make sure to browse our collection to find your perfect match. 

See our Blog and Help and Advice sections for further information and installation guidance. 

What are the benefits of buying internal doors online?

If you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free service, then arranging to buy internal doors online is the perfect choice. There are a number of different interior doors to choose from in our extensive range, with brands like Deanta, XL Joinery, Mendes and LPD, so we are certain to provide you with an ideal solution, every time.  

We pride ourselves in offering a hassle-free and convenient service at all times, and the ability to buy internal doors online only enhances this feeling of ease. 

With our range of interior doors for sale, including affordable and cheap internal doors, buying any interior doors in the UK is made simple and quick. 

Why buy internal doors from Online Door Store?

With classic and contemporary timber doors at your disposal, a variety of styles and designs, a choice of size, and even the opportunity to have your wooden internal doors expertly painted to suit your current décor, at Online Door Store, we have the perfect choice. Buy internal doors online from our extensive selection, today. 

Get in touch with our expert team to find out more about our inside doors. You can call 0208 158 6700  or email Our phone lines are open weekdays 8 till 6 for enquiries and free advice about all of our interior doors.